Ethnography and psychoanalysis

Judith Preissle (preissle@MOE.COE.UGA.EDU)
Sun, 3 Dec 1995 15:12:15 -0500

Judith Preissle
University of Georgia

On Fri, 1 Dec 1995, Stephanie Haber-Hirsch <> wrote:

> Thank you to those who have tried to help me in this area, but I think my
> post may have been misunderstood. I am not really looking at
> psychological anthropology in which the anthropologist consciously uses
> psychoanalysis in the analysis and description of a culture. I am more
> interested in psychoanalysizing the ethnographer in ways he/she may not
> have expected. I am trying to discover if there are analogies to be drawn
> between the ethnographer/ethnographic object relationship and the
> analyst/analysand relationship even when the method is not expicitly
> psychological anthropology, particularly dealing with the mechanism of
> transference.
> Thank you for this opportunity to clarify. If anyone has any thoughts or
> information on this, please respond as soon as possible since my
> deadlineis approaching.

Take a look at John L. Wengle's "Ethnographers in the Field: The
Psychology of Research" (Tuscaloosa, AL: University of Alabama Press,
1988). I believe he uses psychodynamic constructs to analyze the
relationship between ethnographers and their participants. jude