Re: Whither Anthropology

Richard L. Warms (RW04@SWT.EDU)
Fri, 1 Dec 1995 17:14:49 -0600

As a member of an anthropology department that has almost doubled in size in
the past ten years, I'd like to suggest that the obit for anthropology is a bit
premature. With a few relatively trivial exceptions, anthropology has no
problems that are not shared by all disciplines in the liberal arts.
Departmental growth or elimination are fundamental aspects of university
politics. Attracting students has a great deal to do with the process that
sets school and university requirements. Advertising and
constructing some courses palatable to students are important as well.

I'm not suggesting that all battles are winable, but departments that wish
to survive (be they anthropology or philosophy) have got to lobby effectively
Miss a faculty senate meeting and you're likely to pay for it.

Best regards,

Rich Warms
Southwest Texas State University