whither indeed

Maria Swora (mswo_ltd@UHURA.CC.ROCHESTER.EDU)
Fri, 1 Dec 1995 10:25:35 -0500

Mr Martin queries about the state of anthropology...

<sigh> The administration here at the University of Rochester saw fit to
eliminate the graduate program in anthropology last year. Three faculty are
retiring this January, and will not be replaced. One is our only
ethnohistorian/archeologist. What kind of anthropology department has no
ethnohistorian, archeologist, or linguist?

I gave a paper at the AAA, in a session on drug and alcohol abuse treatment.
All the papers were good, but mine was the only one that was not an applied
paper. Several used frameworks from cognitive psychology, not anthropology.
As I work through my dissertation, I try not to think what the future may
not hold for me as someone _not_ particularly interested in applied work.

Maria Swora
Department of Anthropology
University of Rochester,
Rochester New York 14627