Linda K. Watts (lkwatts@ALF.UCCS.EDU)
Fri, 1 Dec 1995 07:53:55 -0800

On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, Patricia Stitson wrote:

> I (despirately) need any input on Chomsky as applied to anthro.
> In one of his books I read that he considers Levi-Strauss the
> only one doing getting anywhere near what he considers the
> "right direction" . I have thesis paper due next Thurs and I've
> hit about 5 brick walls and have ended up here. Due to my
> own incompetence I am short on time so I am putting out the SOS.
> Any input would be well appreciated.. Have a wonderful day anthro-l!
> Patricia Stitson

I would suggest Steven Pinker's bool THE LANGUAGE INSTINCT,
especially his chapter on "Mentalese". Pinker takes a Chomskyan
position regarding relations between ("Universal")language and
thought that doesn't give much credence to a relativistic
position. Chomsky's groundbreaking work is more in the areas of
psycholinguistics and syntax than in anthropology or
anthropological linguistics perse.