Birgitte Voigt Jensen Birgitte Voigt Jensen (bvj@SIGMA.OU.DK)
Thu, 1 Dec 1994 12:20:15 +0100

>I am a student at the University of Odense in Denmark. Im am going to write an
>assignment on Southafrica, on Apartheid and on the lack of intercultural
>communication and -understanding between the original people of Southafrica
>and the europeans who came to the country.
>I would like to ask you if you have read any interesting books on the subject
>or if you have read any good articles recently, then please tell me.
>I would also like to hear your oppinion on the current situation in
>Southafrica and the history of Apartheid - why did it ever begin?
>I am trying to point out my exact subject, so I am really looking forward to
>hearing your oppinion on the subject!
>Birgitte Voigt Jensen