Flames, gender language, etc

Rob Quinlan (C611417@MIZZOU1.MISSOURI.EDU)
Sat, 31 Dec 1994 13:46:37 CST

I don't really want to extend the life of this thread, but I feel compelled
to put in my own $.02 worth.

I'd like to echo Denise O'Brien's sentiments. Aside from the political implica
tions it is just plain wrong to call a woman a chairman or postman (but it's
ok to call manhole a manhole). Similarly, there are better, more accurate
terms to refer to all humans than "mankind". As allegedly professional
anthropologists we should use the more accurate terms.

I'd also like to echo Sarah Hautzinger's post. Much of this thread gives me
the same embarrassing feeling one gets when out to dinner with a bickering
couple. I think flames are totally inappropriate for a professional forum
like anthro-l. I suggest that if you want to flame someone, please send it
directly to that person instead of subjecting us all to this bullshit! I do
suppose we could just use our delete keys, but surely a lot of people like to
at least skim all the postings and too much of this stuff is offensive.
Remember this is not flame-l, PC-l, or men-rule-l.

With that said, I suggest a change of topic. Alcoholism seems like it might
be appropriate.

Rob Quinlan