Re: rights / culture / American?

Bjorn Conrad Fry (bear@USNET.US.NET)
Fri, 30 Dec 1994 23:25:26 -0500


Your civility is a welcome change and I appreciate it. I understand your
attitude towards the label "American" that has bothered you. Let me guess,
the people you associate as "flag wavers" are generally the "religious
right," those associated with the military, small town semi-ignorant
America, beer bellied "Archie Bunker" blue collar white males, NRAers,
survivalists, white supremisists, Neo Nazis and last but not least radical
reactionary conservatives. Am I right? I wonder how mere association with
what these people, or people similar to these, believe, becomes politically
incorrect. What ever happened to judging things on their own merits rather
than based on some associative or bandwagon propaganda criteria? You say
that you find a certain type of patriotism distasteful. What forms of
patriotism would you find acceptable? That would interest me.

I wonder what happened to the tread?

Rob Quinlan wrote:

>Basically, I'm on your side. I'm really sick of all that PC garbage too. I
>haven't been following the thread very closely, but it seems to me your
>statements and position sound reasonable -- hence, I find it difficult to
>understand why so many folks (M. Lieber, Ruby etc) have given you so much
>flack. It seems like more might get accomplished if they gave you thoughtful
>criticism so that we all could find some grounds for agreement rather than
>I've travelled extensively myself and have lived in other countries (not includ
>ing fieldwork) so I have my own perspective on Americanism. IMHO I find
>a certain kind of American patriotism as distasteful as PC. I'm not suggesting
>that you are of that ilk (you don't seem to be), but your signature line might
>give one the impression that you are.
>Anyway, I really appreciate your thoughtful and professional handling of the
>BS you are being dished out. Don't let 'em get you down! And keep up the good
>work. I wish more people on the list would handle themselves the way you
>have. There is nothing that makes one feel more like a deviant computer
>nerd than listening to back and forth flaming. I think anthro-l should be
>a forum for professional discourse, not a sounding board for people's
>personality quirks.

Let it be said, once again, that most of what is wrong, and of what
is most perfectable in this world, is located between our own ears.
If we don't first start living our own lives to the fullest, as
responsible individuals, in just fashion, and as empowered examples,
instead of languishing in the addictive maelstrom of blame, depen-
dency, and its powerlessness, there is little hope for us. - bcfry

Bjorn Conrad Fry - American
Bethesda, Maryland