Murray Bib.additions

Marius Johnston (mariusj@NETCOM.COM)
Thu, 29 Dec 1994 17:20:00 -0800

A couple more to add to Rob Prince's list:

New York Times 'Of I.Q. and Genes' by William Safire. Oct. 20. '94 p.A19.

------------- "The 'Scientific' War on the Poor" Editorial. Oct. 28, '94

------------- 'The Sell Curve' by Frank Rich. Oct 23, '94 p. E15.

-------------Books of the Times: 'It's a Grim Message: Dummies Fail More
Often' by Peter Passell. Oct. 27, '94. p. B3.

-------------'Anti-Social Science?' by Jim Holt. Oct 19, '94. p.A15

-------------'Behind the Curve' by Myron A. Hofer. Dec. 26, '94. p.19.

Marius Johnston