Tue, 27 Dec 1994 17:50:15 -0600

For those interested in this topic, I recommend a new publication
entitled "Guide to Bodily Fluids" by Paul Spinrad. It's available from
RE/Search Publications, 20 Romolo St., #B, San Francisco, CA 94133. This
is the same house that brought us "Modern Primitives," and has much to
offer anthropologists. The "Guide to Bodily Fluids" is an articulate and
mostly serious, tho' sometimes tongue-in-cheek (sorry!), compendium of
historical facts and trivia concerning the most common human excretions.
It features some interesting responses to unsystematic surveys conducted
on campuses in the Bay Area and via Internet discussion groups. There is
a good bibliography and a fairly complete list of "toileting" situations
in popular cinema. We should probably be thankful that the illustrations
are few and tasteful...

John Hoopes