Re: Covenant communities

mike salovesh (T20MXS1@MVS.CSO.NIU.EDU)
Sat, 24 Dec 1994 16:30:00 CST

I wonder if what Rob Prince labels "covenant communities" is another
way of saying restrictive covenants.

What were "restrictive covenants"? Fine print agreements in real
estate titles that restricted sale of the property to approved
classes of buyers, or that forbade sale to specified classes of

There is, for example, a bedroom community near Chicago called
"Nordic Hills". When it was subdivided, all titles were subject to a
restrictive covenant forbidding sale of any real estate in Nordic
Hills to Jews (among others), whence its name.

Restrictive covenants were declared unconstitutional/unenforceable
by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1948. More recent fair housing laws
would also seem to apply, not to mention the 14th Amendment to the
U.S. Constitution.

-- mike <>

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Date: Fri, 23 Dec 1994 18:26:41 -0600
From: Rob Prince <PRINCER@MSCD.EDU>
Subject: Covenant Communities

A friend told me a story today about a Black family in Texas a
year or two ago who bought a home from a white family in what
is called a `covenant community'. To keep the Black family
out, the community went to court, suing on the basis of the
fine print in the community charter.

Is anyone familiar with this story who can provide a citation?

Is anyone familiar, and know much/anything about the literature
on covenant communities in the USA. I would be grateful to
any leads people might have.

Rob Prince/Metro State College/Denver.