Re: Scouts

Matthew Hill (mhill@WATARTS.UWATERLOO.CA)
Fri, 23 Dec 1994 11:21:28 -0500

On Sun, 18 Dec 1994, Elizabeth Vance wrote: Well, she forwarded

> > Sounds like many of the Anthros today were girl- or boy- scouts.
> > Actually how many were either of those and if you were how does or did it
> > affect your life today?
> >
I've deleted Elizabeth's reply

My late colleague Sal Weaver used to recount the sudden insight which
she had while touring the Kinsey Sex Research Institute at Indiana where,
on seeing one of the exhibits, she suddenly realized that the mushroom
which her brownie troupe used to gather about had phallic significance.

Matthew Hill - Whose daughter dropped out of brownies because she couldn't
handle the paramilitary aspects.