Drugs to take...with you

Charles F.B. Robinson (CFBR1906@UKANVM.BITNET)
Thu, 22 Dec 1994 09:41:17 CST

This is for the field in the Amazon if anyone is interested.

Vaccinations Drugs to take
------------ -------------
Yellow fever Sudafed 12hr Decongestant
Cholera Prochlorerazine for Nausea
Typhoid Diamox for High Altitude
Let and Diph Doxycycline
Tetanus Imodium for diarrhea
Heptavax Fansidar for Malaria but Lariam is better where
Gamma Globaln I go
MMR I found Gamabenceno in Colombia,good for bugs
Rabies keeping them off and after bits
Dettol Antiseptic- Disinfectant. I found in
Africa. made in UK good for Medical uses, Personal
Hygiene, Lanndry (Great)
Off for bugs. I take about 6 cans for the Month
Benadryl good for after No see then bug bits
Naprin for Backache
Halazone for H2o
Chloramphenicol use very limited Antibiotic for
Condoms to wear when swimming or very tight swim

Field Gear to take
Mag flashlight
A very good water purifier (I use First Need brand.)
A good hammock cotton
Very small microcassette recorder
A good Walkman with cassette and radio
T shirts (about 6)
2 pairs of pants (the kind that you can zip the bottoms off, ie: Khakis)
3 dress shorts
2 dress shirts
2 pair of Nike air shoes (You'll throw away at least 1 pair, because of the
fungus. Even Clorax will not take care of the problem.)
Knife the kind that has everything in the handle (survival knife).
New skin for feet. :) (Actually, the product called New Skin -- for blisters)
Small spoon,knife,and fork kit
20 rools of Kodachrome 64,200,400 ,36exp
Cameras (2 bodies)
Some dry food
Sleeping bag (it gets cold at night in the Amazon)
Also, a good thing when hot is to take a sheet and sew it to make a bag and you
can get into it and keep bugs out.
A sewing kit.
I all ways use a duffle bag 2 of them one i rool up and pack it so I
can bring back more things.
A LOT of batteries and bulbs for camera, flash ,flashlight and recorder
Zip-lock bags
Toilet paper
A good poncho
Money balt
Hip pack for day trips
A good water bottle
Ballpoint pen and pads
No army looking clothes
Q tips
Alcohol swabs
I put all my things in a plastic hang up make-up bag, you can see everything
and each compartment can be zipped shut.
A book called WHERE THERE IS NO DOCTOR, (one in English and one in Spanish
that I leave there with the tribe).
Wash N'Dry towelettes
Swiss army knife
Address and telephone number of whom to contact in case of emergency
Insurance Med.It cost about 5000,00 to 10,000.00 to fly someone up to the
1 pair of jeans
Old watch , waterproof
Repair kit, needle, thread, buttons,nylon cord ,ripstop tape
Small universal survival kit
Snake Doctor "zapper" 9volt, power emit 25,000 volt. Thank goodness I've never
had to use it.