fieldgear book

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Wed, 21 Dec 1994 16:14:34 EDT

i think it's a fine idea, but it should be organizaed so that
different sections refer to different parts of the world. as we all
know advice for PNG is rather inappropriate for urban nyc. and don't
think that non-new yorkers don't advice on how to deal with the nyc
environment. it might be the more dangerous of any so far mentioned.
also it should be organized by approach, i.e. linguistics vs. socio-cultural
vs. archeology vs. hum pal. etc. you also might want to mention some where
inthis that the length of time that one is going dramatically affects what
to take. i take much different gear for 1 week in the field than 1 year.
p.s. of all the things i take with me, i find that a smattering of different
languages is the most essential. everywhere i go, i always learn a few
basic phrases in the native tongue(s) before i go. even if i slaughter
the pronounciation, it still shows that i am attempting to meet them
on their terms, even if only for the basics like please thankyou and
howdo you do. unfrtunately, the ugly "american" (but other nationalities
do it too), has spoiled the friendliness that many countries used to
afford visitors.

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