Re: family and development

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To Mike Lieber and others,
Lest we have forgotten, the following is homily and absolutism:


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>What in the sam hill do you mean by ancient reasoned wisdom. All true wisdom
>is from God, not reasoned by man. The wisdom of God is foolishness to Godless
>man, but by His grace, God reveals His truths to those willing to listen. He
>reveals His truths to all, but allows His wisdom for a degree of undrstanding
>to those willing to receive it. The difference between Christianity or Judaism
>and religion is that it is not the thoughts of man that make up the Truth of
>Salvation through Jesus Christ and the Word of God as He spoke it from the
>Torah through the book of Revelation, but just that: the Word and Wisdom of
>Almighty God. Buddhism may hold some good ideas, but IT FALLS SHORT. Other
>religions of man may have some good philosophies that may seem right or pretty
>"cool" to men, but (and I forget the address in the Bible, but it's in there)
>the Bible says that "there is a way which seemeth right unto man, but it
>leadeth unto death." But that which is foolish to the world is actually the
>Truth of God, and it shall last FOREVER! I'd rather be foolish in the eyes
>of the world, and be justified by Grace in the eyes of God than to live a life
>which is good only for the short blip of time I'm here.
> Keep this in mind if you question the Bible: in the 13th Century, people
>thought that the world was flat, when in fact it was round. Their thought
>that it was flat made it no more flat than people's disbelieving the Bible
>make It untrue. Don't say it is different, because it is not. Truth is
>truth, acted upon or not. You would say one is foolish if he said that
>Jimmy Carter was still President, because it is fact that he is not, no
>matter how much someone might want to think (God forbid) that he were.
>Someone can say all day that the Bible is a lie that contradicts itself,
>and the harsh reality of the Bible will be reminded to him or her for
>Eternity in Hell, apart from God, and they will believe, to no avail, in
>the salvation of Jesus Christ's blood at Calvary, as they are apart from it
>FOR ETERNITY. The Holy Bible is the Word of God, from the Creation to the
>Birth and Death of His only Son in flesh, to the Rapture, and into Eternity.
>The Bible is the truest book ever written, and people don't like to hear that,
>because, in Rush Limbaugh's words: THE TRUTH HURTS! It doesn't have to hurt--
>it can set you free. That, my friends, is its purpose, is to set you FREE!
>Jesus loves you, if you don't know this, and He wants you in His family.
>Don't look around at Christians in the world. We are all humans who still sin,
>who still screw up, and who are bound to disappoint you. Yes, there is
>hypocricy, greed, and things like that, in humans who are saved by the Blood
>of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. But in Him, there is none of that. Look to
>Him. Look to Christ, not to men, and He will set you free and take you in
>as His child. I could write more and more and more and more, but I won't.
>Just ponder this that I have said, and look around, look past the flaws that
>we still have, and look at the changed lives on the inside that are working
>their ways OUT in His timing. It won't be complete until Glory, but it starts
>with accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior. God loves you.