Solar field gear sources

Alx V. Dark (avd5863@IS.NYU.EDU)
Fri, 16 Dec 1994 22:58:42 -0500

I thought I would mention another set of mail-order companies for
finding solar-based solutions to recharging batteries, running
lights, etc. How practical solar might be depends on whether you are
travelling or setting up a more permanent location, and whether you are
using batteries or devices powered with solar cells. Someone mentioned
the idea of recharging notebook computer batteries -- this would be
great, but I have not seen anything to do this yet. In order to get
basic AD power anywhere, you need solar cell panels, special
(and bulky) batteries, a DC/AC converter -- probably not practicable.

Companies include (in decreasing order of likelihood that they would have
something like a solar-powered radio or solar battery recharger, i.e.
stuff useful for the field): Jade Mountain (800 442 1972); Eco Source
(800 274 7040); Ecological Innovations (800 876 0660); and The Energy
Store (800 288 1938). These mostly back-to-the-land type companies.

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