Re: Gear

Thu, 15 Dec 1994 12:56:25 EST

My suggestion would be
1. two rounds of serious antibiotics -- with good advice about when to
self-administer; lomotil/immodium
2. laptop w modem and printer cables
3. good cotton- with-some-polyester blanket or bedspread-- easier to dry
if not 100% cotton... especially important in wet places
4. corkscrew
5. screwdriver
6. good manners
7. pg wodehouse, & recommend regionally oriented/ local author
8. paper backs, plastic goods, etc... that can be given away after use
upon departure as gifts... I even gave away one of the metal trunks I
took - it was especially prized by the recipient and since I gave away
most of its contents, including all decent bed linens, aforementioned
bedspread, and cotton rugs and didn't need for lugging stuff back.

Patsy Evans, AAA