Re: Human Population Growth

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Wed, 14 Dec 1994 14:50:02 EDT

The data i had came from 3 sources. the 1975 census data came from
a book by Rahn, _Engineering Geology_. the 1.8% was corroborated
by data that i collected last year (but now do not have access to because
of a move of venue for me this year) published by the united nations
and a world trade ogranization whose name i have forgotten. that
book and previous years of the same publication listed detaile d
pop stats by country. i did a very extensive addition of that data
and comparison with the previous 4-5 years at that time, to verify
the 1.8%/y. the 14-15 billion in 2040 estimate was prepared for the
un report on sustainable development known as the berger commission

if the data are wrong as you suggest that is good news. it means that
the situation is not quite so desperate as it would appear otherwise.
i must however, question whether that is really the case though.
as we improve health care, and decrease infant mortality and morbidity
should we expect world population to slow? can you give a more detailed
reference to the source of your data?