sports ethnogrraphies

Eva Mackey (emackey@INFORAMP.NET)
Wed, 14 Dec 1994 10:31:12 +0500

Saw Andrew Turner's request about sports ethnographies


You could try "Hockey Night in Canada:Sport, Identities and
Cultural Politics" by Richard Gruneau and David Whitson, 1993,
Toronto: Garamond Press

Not an ethnography per se - more a cultural studies approach-
but all I've been able to find. More about how sports is
linked to national identity, gender politics, capitalism etc.
They do, however, deal with hockey in small communities.

I'm writing my thesis in social anth (enrolled at Sussex in the
UK) and, in one chapter, trying to work on some issues around
Canadian national identity and the World Series of 1992 (first
one won by a non-US team [Toronto Blue Jays] - and won two days
before a referendum on the constitution, during the
celebrations of the 125 anniversary of the nation). Again, not
an ethnography of sports - but an anthropological approach to
sports as a social practice, as cultural politics.

Good Luck!
Eva Mackey (