Re: Being "ethnicized"

Wed, 14 Dec 1994 08:53:56 -0500

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> >Have you become "ethnicized" by your fieldwork? Do you live/act/think
> >differently as a result? Is there anything in the lit on this process?
> >I'm not talking about the classic slur "going native"; I find that I
> >welcome people to my house differently, I express thanks differently, I
> >even drive differently as a result of my experiences.

> they would be uncomfortable for a period of time while they re-adjusted to the
> culture Stateside. We refered to this a culture shock; although, the second
> half of what I described was usually ignored. The cultural differences that
> sparked these kinds of reactions were often glaring, but the differences that
> created the culture shock on return were often very subtile and would have an
> almost subliminal effect.
> Sam Ball
> Sam_Ball@NPS.GOV

I was "out of the country" for 10 years, living and working in Scotland
{admittedly not very different-on the surface at least}. As an
archaeologists, I knew about culture-shock, and was expecting to experience
it when I came back to the USA (notice I didn't say prepared for it).

Actually, my parents had the most trouble--they couldn't figure out what was
wrong with me! I would love to talk more about re-entry experiences, but
perhaps this is an "off-list" discussion?

Ann Morton