feminist text

Mike Lieber (U28550@UICVM.BITNET)
Wed, 14 Dec 1994 00:05:39 CST

I hear from Martha Ward that she has an introductory text that should be
out next year. Good news for those who want to see feminist anthropology
respresented. Martha tells me that she giving each gender its 50-50, and
she will see to it that feminism is a theme throughout the text. You should
understand that Martha Ward has her own brand of feminism, and I suspect that
most readers will be pretty happy with it. I find this exciting. Martha Ward
is, to my mind, the Margaret Mead of my generation. She writes beautifully
and incisively, and has a range of anthropological experience that anyone would
envy. I would recommend her _Nest in the Wind- for anyone interested in how
field research changes the anthropologist. Her _Poor Women, Powerful Men_ is
a powerful study of the most successful pre-natal care program for poor Black
women this country ever saw, and how the powers that be managed to get rid of
it. She has also just published a book on the Tyrol that is a delight. Happy

Semester must be over. I notice that there are a lot more posts today than
there were 2 days ago.

Mike Lieber