Re: USGS, Bur. of Mines, People

Tom Hogarth (thogarth@YARROW.WT.UWA.EDU.AU)
Wed, 14 Dec 1994 10:03:38 +0800

Michelle, you have correctly pointed out a very important part
of people being affected by a particular programme. I simply
added my words about what would have seemed an innocuous but
if-thought-through-carefully a very dangerous removal of an
institution that presumably provides information at a central
point about impending natural disasters, and other larger issues
that could well get 'lost' if devolved to different states...
In that sense I feel we have both a point about the same thing,
you provide information about focus on targetted groups from
the programme - and Doug and I provide something about a central
information pool that could in effect save thousands or millions
of lives in its activity to provide information about natural
disasters (impending)
The thread in otherwords is not sidetracked - but rather the
implications work both ways - individuals potentially affected,
and whole communities as well..
Hope that clarifies things.

Best Wishes

Tom Hogarth PhD Student Northern Territory University