applied anthro. program

Davina Ruth Two Bears (drtb@DANA.UCC.NAU.EDU)
Tue, 13 Dec 1994 14:46:07 -0700

This might be of interest to those interested in a degree (M.A.) in
Applied Anthropology. The following is from the Northern Arizona
University Graduate Program flier:
"This track prepares students for professional employment related to
applied anthropology. Philosophically, our program is action
anthropology, or 'research on, intervention into, management of, or
advocacy for social groups by persons who are trained as anthropologists'
(Bernard 1980). The key features of the program are a strong
methodological foundation, an internship experience, and parallel
emphasis course work.
The applied track is designed to be completed in a minimum of two to
three years, depending on the scheduling of the internship experience and
any provisional coursework the student may need to complete. Students
coming into the program with little or no background in anthropology
should plan on at least one additional year to complete degree requirements.
The track requires 45 hours of coursework, including the internship
experience (6 hours of ANT 608) with a successful internship paper
defense, and parallel emphasis coursework. Recognizing both the diverse
neds and goals of students and the interrelationships of anthropology
with many other disciplines, 12-15 hours of parallel-emphasis coursework
are counted toward the degree. All courses and the internship included
on a students's of studies must be approved by the student's advisor.
The student will choose (with the department chair's approval) an
internship committee which will be responsible for arranging and
conducting the student's internship paper defense.

Applied Archaeology Required Coursework
1. Theory: Anth. Theory (3); Applied Anthro. (3)
2. Method: Quantitative Research Methods (3); Computer Uses in
Anthropological Research (3)
3. Socio-Cultural or Physical (one of the following): Culture Change
(3); The Study of the Future (3); The Anthropology of Development (3);
Paleopathology (3); Anthropology of Am. Culture (3)
4. Internship Experience: Pre-internship Seminar (3); Field Work
Experience (6); Post-internship Seminar (3).
5. Parallel Emphasis (15 units total): Intro. to Anthropological Field
Work (3) AND; Andvanced Anthropological Field Work (3) OR equivalent;
Cultural Resource Management (3) OR: Historic Preservation (3) and
2 archaeological area/topical course (6)

The Applied Cultural track is basically the same, except one is required
to take 12 courses outside the anthro. dept., instead of what is listed
under number five. For more info. contact
NAU Anthropology Dept
Box 15200
Flagstaff, AZ 86011
or (602) 523-3180

Bye, Davina