applied anthro

Marsha Quinlan (C633902@MIZZOU1.MISSOURI.EDU)
Tue, 13 Dec 1994 10:49:21 CST

In Memphis (not DC, NY or Chicago--not even close) there is a group called Mid-
South Assn. of Professional (or Practicing?) Anthropologists -- MSAPA. This is
a group of people from the University of Memphis (formerly Memphis State), Rho
des College, AND other anthros who work for the local govnt and area hospitals,
etc. MSAPA meets a few times a year for a meeting , usually followed by somet
hing involving food and possibly tequila. It is a low key organization that ke
eps the community graduate students and professionals from all realms in touch
with eachother. It also has resulted in several community projects and student
practicums. Groups like MSAPA provide one solution to the out-of-touch problem
several folks mentioned yesterday.

Sarah Hautzinger asked "how viable is going back into an academic position afte
r working in applied anthro?" I would also like to hear anyone's opinion/exper
iences/advice on that issue. Any takers? --Marsha