dowsing and geophysics

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Tue, 13 Dec 1994 09:01:05 EDT

Physicists and geophysicists have recently been conducting such tests to
see how reliable resistivity, ground penetrating radar, magnetic resonance,
and other geophysical techniques are in archaeological sites. you might
want to consult articles by:

Nobes, david, originally of university of waterloo, ontario, how at cantebury
in nz.

greenhouse, jphn. u of waterloo.

one of their articels was recently published in a synposiyum editted by
barry warne, published by univ of waterloo press:

warner, b.j., r.i. macdonald, 1994. great lakes archaeology and paleoecology
symposium proceedings (or some such title - i have not seen the final published
volume yet). u. of waterloo press, waterloo, ~ 300 pages.