Cecilia Sardenberg signing off

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Mon, 12 Dec 1994 22:07:00 EST

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Dear Fellow Anthro-listers:

I am signing off the list (only temporarily, I hope) as I will be leaving
Brazil shortly on my way to Boston (actually, Gloucester, MA), where I
will spend 1995. Since I still don't know when or how I will be able to
sign up again, I wanted to take this opportunity to say good-bye and
thank all of you (including you, Leif) for keeping me up to date on what
is going on with Anthro around the world these days... I want to give
especial thanks to all of those who replied to my calls for help: thanks
to you I was able to maintain contacts with a new advisor, get
readmitted at BU to finally finish my doctorate, and find a place to live in
the US. So, here I go: hope I will be able to make it to next year's AAA
meetings, and get to talk to some of you 'face to face.'

I am glad I was able to be part of this bunch this past year, flamings
and all,

So long

Cecilia Sardenberg
New Address:
c/o Department of Anthropology
Boston University
232 Bay State Rd.
Boston, MA 02150

Hugh, thanks for being such a nice listowner! Don't let anybody tell you
otherwise !