anthro careers/niu/'open jobs'

Mon, 12 Dec 1994 12:49:00 PST

Carucci writes:

"you have 200 job applications because your stupid department couldn't
get it's shit together and decide if you wanted a mesoamericanist, a
new world archy, a midwest or southwest archy, or someone who could
teach pottery, underwater basket weaving, and search for new hominid
fossils at the same time."

The other side of this is when a department SAYS it wants such and such kind
of anthropologist but then decides to do something else and hires someone
only vaguely related to the job description.

Carucci is right. Departments should know what they are looking for before
advertising. However, I suspect that often a department really wants to pick
among those available and select the one that appears to be the "best"
without being very specific as to what they want.

D. Read