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Sat, 10 Dec 1994 01:36:23 +0000

"Natural human magnetism?" I don't know about that. The phrase I used was
"latent electromagnetic senses." If you're not familiar with the scientific
literature on this subject, I suggest starting with _The Compass in your
Nose_ (I forgot who wrote it)... for a discussion of magnetosensitive
materials in the human body.

Anyway, I would never join a medieval debating society. I have always
preferred Occasionalism to Nominalism vs. Realism.

And I sometimes like to quibble about what is and is not 'anecdotal'
evidence. I find it curious that testimony of 'der volk' - you know folks
without degrees - ends up more often than not being 'anecdotal', whereas
testimony of 'der anthropologist' - you know, dem guys with degrees, ends
up being 'science.'

I sense a definite Dan Fossian Smartness Conspiracy behind all this.
Perhaps even something that smacks of (gasp) elitism. It's the job of the
clever boyz of CSICOP to do the controlled experiments, because clearly
this never was hit upon by the great unwashed in thousands of years of
dowsing. Reality testing? Nope. Our ancestors were just gullible morons...
never occurred to them to test whether surface features were a factor in
dowsing success.

Oh yeah, and they were never bright enough to try and put small metal
objects in the coals for the firewalk. Thank heavens some Westerner came
along with that idea. Too superstitious and taken in by all that priestly
mumbo-jumbo. Anthropology has this curious attitude toward our subjects.
Yeah, we're relativist to the max, but we somehow think that empiricism is
something that was only discovered in Europe 200 years ago.

>Anyone like to discuss Ouija Boards now?

Sure. I'm game. Of course, I'm the only person weird enough around here to
take you up on this thread.

Of course, I should post the quote that Mike Salovesh said to me ever so
briefly in Atlanta. "You're weird. I'm weird. We need to get together

Ask me some of my results with the Ouija Board. Mind you, I don't attribute
them to external spiritual influences, but then, I am not so sure about
subconscious muscular twitching either. I would prefer to think about the
unconscious mind, the archetypes, and some of the now well-studied
phenomena that occur in 'automatic writing.' But that's just the
Occasionalist in me again.


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