After the PhD

susan sumner (75142.1507@COMPUSERVE.COM)
Fri, 9 Dec 1994 18:24:11 EST

currently applying to the MA/PhD program at the same institution. I would
appreciate any responses concerning the hiring process at the Universities list
members are affiliated with concerning the view taken of an applicant who's
undergraduate and graduate work were done at the same institution. More
specifically, have you seen such an applicant selected against solely upon such
I currently have a 3.95 gpa, and have just finished a Senior honors
thesis on the role that breastpumps and childcare play in combining the
productive and reproductive roles of women in the public sphere and related
discourses. I intend to continue a focus upon gender, public/private sphere
distinctions, the relationship between reproduction and production, and
individuality in grad school.
I also am a 40 year old women, married, with three children, and am
unable to relocate at this time. My husband and I own a business, that he
operates, which provides the financial support for our remaining a single-income
family as I enter grad school. My children are well-integrated in our
community, creating an additional support for another ten (?) years in school.
At the time I receive my PhD in Anthro, we will be in a position to relocate
(children out of the home, decreased financial need, my earned income). So, to
continue my goal to receive a PhD in Ethnology, I must apply to the institution
I am currently in. The department has had a recent turn-over due to early
retirements, creating a rather new selection of instructors for my grad studies,
so the element of "inbred-ness" is reduced.
I am also a RN, and feel this background will serve me well in viewing
medicine's role in gender constructions and the relationship between
reproductive and productive roles, which I drew upon in researching my honors
Again, in your opinion and experience when participating in candidate
selection for jobs within your department, is there any reason to believe that
my continued education at the same institution will result in a selection
against my obtaining a position at a research university in the future? (I
realize that many other factors are involved concerning whether positions will
be available, and what focus will be preferred ten years from now). If such a
philosophy is prevalent, I will have to focus upon obtaining a position in an
organization such as WHO, but would regret to lose an opportunity to teach and
do research at an university (which is my first choice).

Please respond to me at: or at

Thank you in advance,

Susan Sumner