Re: Psychometry

Ian Mast (imast@SUN.CIS.SMU.EDU)
Thu, 8 Dec 1994 18:07:37 -0600

For what it's worth.

I can't remember all the specifics of the show, but I saw a program on
dowsing on the Discovery channel within the last six months.

A professor of geology, I think, did empirical research on magnetic fields
and dowsing. He did his research in the winter inthe middle of snow
season. He made a path through the snow in the middle of campus and
planted metal wires in the snow at various points along the path. Many
people walked the paths with dowsing rods in their hands, and the results
seemed to suggest that participants were able to detect the buried metal
wires to some degree.

Who knows. I can say, I will never use dowsing in my own field work, of
course I'm a socio-culturalist.

Did anybody else see this program or is this another memory from my
late-night tv hallucinations.

Ian Mast