Vacation is Coming - How to stop anthro-l mail

Anthro-l Listowners & JWA Editors (ANTOWNER@UBVM.BITNET)
Wed, 7 Dec 1994 15:26:52 EST

As always, any time you need to stop anthro-l, hopefully temporarily,
send the following command message to

set anthro-l nomail

Do not attach your name, or address, or a sig! They will just confuse
the listserver and make your message bounce.

When you get back in town, send the message:

set anthro-l mail

If you have any troubles, contact the listowners at this address, BUT
don't expect a quick response between Dec 23rd and about Jan 6th, as I
don't plan to be here.... :-)

Have a Merry Xmas all!

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