psychic archaeology

Tom Riley (triley@VMD.CSO.UIUC.EDU)
Wed, 7 Dec 1994 11:45:05 +0000

What's the difference between this kind of archaeology and dowsing for
sites? Now, I know that some archaeologists, otherwise considered sane and
rational, have been using dowsing rods at their sites for years. Look at
Ivor Noel Hume's discussion of dowsing in HISTORICAL ARCHAEOLOGY, for
instance. There is also a new book out of England which tests the
techniques of dowsing and dowsers by excavating after getting a reading
from dowesers on what to expect. The judgements made about the efficacy of
dowsing is then discussed. This last book has a forward by Charles Thomas,
a distinguished British archaeologist - sorry, Cornish Archaeologist!

I think we live in this big glass house, and we ought to be careful of our

Thomas J. Riley
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign