Good Times Virus

Tue, 6 Dec 1994 17:04:00 PST

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Subject: Good Times Virus
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Robert Gould forwarded this. You may have heard of the Good Times
Virus, which threw many people into a scare. Well, it does not exist.
If you know of other things people are scared of, which also do not
exist, let me know.

--- Jan
> >
> >Mail*Link(r) SMTP FWD>There is no 'G*** T****' vi
> >
> >[Apologies to those on multiple lists]
> >
> >I've heard a number of rumors around the UCSD campus about the so-called
> >'Good Times' virus. All information I have so far from reliable contacts
> >in the anti-virus community indicates it does NOT exist (not yet anyway
> >
> >This is not to say that backup, security and anti-viral measures
> >against the umpteen thousand other real viruses, intruders, and
> >hardware and software glitches waiting to happen aren't necessary,
> >just that the current Michaelangelo-style panic about "Good Times" is
> >apparently not justified. Contact address for PC-CERT available on
> >request.
> >
> >
> >Wade Blomgren
> >
> >
> >----
> >
> >Here, without warranty, is an excerpt of a communication from the
> >PC-CERT group:
> >
> >>Subject: "Good Times" & AOL virus rumors
> >>Date: Tue, 06 Dec 1994 14:52:51 -0500
> >>
> >>There is a rumor running rampant on the Internet and on several
commercial BBS
> >
> >>systems about a virus called the "Good Times" virus. Allegedly, this
> >>wipes out everything on the hard disk of your PC/Mac/Unix system when
> >>downloaded (or read or...).
> >>
> >>This rumor has been investigated by several of the FIRST teams and found
to be
> >
> >>false. We know for certain that this was started as a hoax by a student
at a
> >>small college in the Northeast US. There are no verified reports of any
> >
> >>of this nature, and much of the activity reported to be caused by this
> >
> >>is dubious or impossible.
> >>
> >>The rumor has since taken on a life of its own, and it is being spread
> >>by well-meaning people who are failing to check its accuracy.
> >>the story is being changed slightly as each person has passed it on.
> >>
> >>PLEASE do NOT pass this rumor on to anyone! It is false and only serves
> >>help cause anxiety and possibly panic. Feel free to pass this notice
along to
> >
> >>your users and colleagues.
> >>
> >>If you encounter something that you believe is a virus or attack on your
> >>machines, please report it through established channels so it can be
> >>properly investigated. In the meantime, please be considerate and do not
> >>get caught up in posting false or misleading warnings.
> >>
> >
> >

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