Russian Roulette pt. 2

Warren Sproule (Warren.Sproule@SOCIOL.UTAS.EDU.AU)
Wed, 7 Dec 1994 10:42:09 +0200

Still kicking after my last post (no pun intended!), primarily 'cos
nobody's yet returned the ball. Closest we've come is a post from Nick
Gessler with a header in disguise (gOOD tIMES xxx-1). Is the 'virus' even
more mythical than I supposed - ie, even the *rumor* of it has now gone to
ground - or is this a natural academic/anthrop timorousness/sensivity? If
so, be brave, don't panic...

Since there's as yet no takers on this offer, I'll try upping the ante a
little. Could people distribute the following message to other lists
they're on (ensuring, of course, that they use MY, not THEIR, return

> To the distributor of virus xxx-1: Lately, discussion of your little "e-bomb"
>>has been causing quite a stir amongst members of the Internet. Some have
>gotten >into rather a flap, believing that their stored work is under threat.
>This worry >is probably outside your realm of comprehension (I assume you've
>got nothing >better to do with your time than spread this sort of crap and
>enjoy the >resulting 'panic'), or strikes you as a bit of a hoot. Non-bullied
>net >participants like myself have gotten their jollies out of this - timing
>is the >essence of comedy, and the joke's over. Time to pack up/go home. I
>think your >ability to 'take out' hard disks is, to express it delicately,
>*HORSESHIT* Of >course, I've been wrong before, but it's your turn to put up
>or shut up with >your (shudder, shudder!) xxx-1 header: In short, dickhead,
>take your best shot. >Season's Greetings!

> (Warren Sproule)