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Dear Colleague,

You are invited to join CULTURE-AND-NURSING, a new list sponsered by the
School of Nursing at the University of California - San Francisco. This
list was created for nurses and other health care professionals interested
in topics relating to culture and health. (We apologize ahead of time for
duplicate postings to other lists).

We are seeking to create an on-line community which encourages the
exchange of ideas in this exciting new field. This list will allow
participants to address areas of cultural competence, theory, practice,
research, and experience in an open and unmoderated forum. It will give
list members the chance to discuss some of the political, economic, and
demographic issues affecting health care today. It will also be an
opportunity to meet others working in the field of cross cultural and
transcultural nursing.

To subscribe to CULTURE-AND-NURSING, send the following command in the
BODY of the mail message (leave the subject header blank) to:


This list uses Brent Chapman's "Majordomo" mailing list manager. Although
similar to listserv and listproc programs, there are a few differences.
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If you have any questions, please send them to:

Chuck Pitkofsky, MS, RN
list manager
phone: 415-546-7822
FAX: 415-546-7823