Re: human rights

Luis Medina (fmedina@CSOS.ORST.EDU)
Tue, 6 Dec 1994 00:29:36 -0800

I do not understand why many in the group have chosen the Yanomamo or Sudan
to discuss the issue of human rights and the role of Anthro regarding them.
Why not something more local. Males and Females values and behaviors in black
or latino neigborhoods in the US for example. Some of the Reproductive Value
analysis can also be done in these or in white yuppy neighborhoods.
Instead of yanomamo wars why not write in paralell about the tendency of
Western culture to make big wars to stabilize their economy and way of life.
Male circumcicion in this country although not even remotely close to female
circumcicion could be viewed by others as a sensless act of torture against a
Pinsker writes "... for outsiders to come in and unilaterally, by threat
of force or other means..."
just the mention ( not the intention by the author) makes me question:
is it very humane for the US to manipulate third world countries to
vote with them ... By Withdrawing aid destined for vaccination of babies?
or is it humane to go to Panama kill 100,000 because their leader
wants to keep the panama canal for panamenian?
or is it humane to kill 100,000 in the kuwait-irak war just to keep the
gas-guzler way of life of this country.
.... i mean, if loss of life (violation of the most important human right)
was the main point regarding human rights among sudaneese or yanomamo...

> -- it's ridiculous to think that cultures should somehow be
> "pure" and free from outside influences -- most of human history is about
> people mixing it up and learning from each other.

what some advocate is the ideal consumer society: it requires a
homogenious group of idiots willing to sacrifice their forests, gold and
people in exchange of a color TV a VCR and other mirrors and nick-nacks.

.... people mixing...(?) like whites and blacks in this country ?... mainly
by rape in time of slavery?

.... learning from each other .... I bet that many disected the yanomamo...
or other cultures but did not learn a thing about them. I, at least, can not
learn from anybody I conciously or subconciously consider inferior.

are the yanomamo violent? compared to the US? impose US values on them?
I probably seen more killings and senseless violence than any yanomamo!:
courtesy of your local car dealer.

Groups like Amnesty International ( that i consider of invaluable help to
the human rights in my country of origin) have been criticized by not
looking at themselves in paralell to other cultures/countries. Doing it so
would make their efforts much more worthwile. Same happens in this group : if
antrho studies start with us, may be there is a chance to understand the