Re: human rights

Ania Lian (ania@LINGUA.CLTR.UQ.OZ.AU)
Tue, 6 Dec 1994 11:39:17 +1000

Although I always appreciate Mike's mail, this time I had to comment:

> Take, for example, the Yanamamo practice of female infanticide...
> ...trouble (and research) to delineate the context-
> one sees a different picture.
> exhausted, and the village has to relocate. When the population of a village
> reaches about 200, the village splits, usually over the issue of wife
> stealing.
> If they cease the practice of female infanticide, there will be more girls
> surviving to adulthood and thus more wives and more children.

Considering that women take a year to bear a child and a men few seconds
to fertilise, logically speaking, it should be the men that they should
get rid off.

> Village
> warfare will now be directed at competition for garden land and game,
> and since
> there are more women to go around, exchange of women between allies will not
> cement alliances,

They could then exchange men. Also, as far as war is concerned, women
if left to take care of themselves could surprise many.