rely to Quinlan

Mike Lieber (U28550@UICVM.BITNET)
Mon, 5 Dec 1994 14:25:57 CST

Gee, Rob, the stff on Yanamamo came from informants statements to Chagnon
and from Australian aborignes from informants' statements to Birdsell. But
don't let those data get in the way of the concept of inclusive fitness and
sociobiology being a case of the analyst knowing better than the

Epistemology? I don't remember that coming up yet. Is that your take on
trying to understand what the indigenes think they're doing? I always thought
that culture was a construct that focussed on what the locals thought it was
all about. I don't think I was wrong. In fact, I know damned well that I
wasn't wrong. Try addressing the main issue every once in a while and see
how that goes. I shudder to think of the combination of human rights and
sociobiology, but you obviously don't. Enjoy them for Christmas.

Mike Lieber