Re: Gould, S. J.

Daniel P. Tompkins (pericles@ASTRO.OCIS.TEMPLE.EDU)
Mon, 5 Dec 1994 11:32:34 -0500

he's wonderful in lots of ways. "The Median is not the Message" is an
essay that shows how much more meaningful Joe DiMaggio's 1941 hitting
streak was than merely hitting 61 home runs in a given year; "The Panda's
Thumb" gets invoked against notions that creation reveals an intelligent
creator; etc. *The Measure of Man* concerns intelligence testing; I
haven't looked in the Herrnstein-Murray book to see if they even
acknowledge its existence.

What book did he recant? Hard to believe, but a lot is these days.

Dan Tompkins

On Mon, 5 Dec 1994, Todd N Nims wrote:

> Can anyone give me information about Dr. Gould that I may not already
> know? Any recommendations on his books or journal publications? I heard
> that one of his books was disputed and he subsequently retracted it. Is
> this true and if it is which book was it? Last I heard he teaches at
> Harvard and I assume his area of study is evolutionary biology. Is this
> still accurate?
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> Todd N. Nims
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