john bishop (hcant001@HUEY.CSUN.EDU)
Sat, 3 Dec 1994 20:08:40 +0800

I have recently completed a new edition of the
FACES OF CULTURE telecourse on Introductory Anthropology
for Coast Telecourses. More than half of the 26 half hour
programs have been renarated, and three hours of new
material has been added.

The series is scheduled for block feed on the PBS sattelite
Dec 12, 1994 and Jan 14, 1995. It can be licensed as a
telecourse or as classroom AV material at very reasonable rates.
(For example, Adult Learning Satellite Service associates can
record all 26 programs direct from the satellite, or
off the air when they are locally broadcast, for a single fee of

Information about the series, both as a telecourse and for
classroom use is available from:

Coast Telecourse
(714) 241 6109


PBS Adult Learning Satellite Service
(800) 257 2578

John Bishop
Producer, FACES OF CULTURE (revised)