Lynn Boone (lboone@TECHNET.SG)
Fri, 2 Dec 1994 12:28:50 +0800

Dear member of anthropologists,

My name is Shusaku Iba(Japanese, 16 years old), and I am a
student of Singapore
American School. Since I am an ESL student, I may make spelling mistakes
or gram
mar mistakes. Please let me allow to procede anyway.
Right now, I am doing a research about a native, Hopi. Since I
have just starte
d my project and I couldn't find much information, I want to have some
n about Hopi. Therefore, if you have time, please offer me some
information abo
ut Hopi. Thank you a lot.

Please answer these question if possible, because I want to use
your information
as resources.
1. What were the foreign(western) influences on Hopi's culture?
2. How these influences changed Hopi's culture?
3. What do you think of these influences? Positive or Negative?
4. How any negative influences could have been limited or avoided?
5. What can we do to limit any previous or continuing damage?
6. What is your opinion about implications for the present and future to
be draw
n from the influence of one civilization on another?

Thank you for answering the questions. When you send back the
message, please w
rite "Shusaku-Hopi-Singpore" on SUBJECT section. Thank you for your

Sincerely yours,
Shusaku Iba