The "Iceman"

Scott Holmes (sholmes@NETCOM.COM)
Thu, 1 Dec 1994 17:05:40 -0800

antibacterial tree fungus found with the "Iceman". I haven't noted
any responses to this query but a recent article from Associated Press
published in the LA Times (12/1/94) indicates "Otzi" was no stranger
to injuries and ailments. It mentions he had eight (8) fractures
to his ribs. "He did very well with these; he certainly lived well
beyond these injuries". The article also mentions fairly severe
osteoarthritis in his neck, lower back and one hip. And, "Calcium
deposits were discovered in the blood vessels of Otzi's chest, pelvis
and neck, indicating heart disease stalked the Stone Age man despite
his almost certainly rigorous existence".

Well, so much for getting plenty of exercise and avoiding those
fastfood places.

The article notes that Otzi's medical problems were reported on by
Dr. William A Murphy Jr. at the annual meeting of the Radiological
Society of North America.

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