New 'Heritage' Mailing List announced

Fri, 31 Dec 1993 06:26:20 -0800

To all readers of the Cartagena newsletters:

This announcement, of a 'Heritage' Mailing list may be of interest.

*** Announcement ***

A New Heritage Bulletin Board

Heritage Interpretation International in cooperation with Massey
University in New Zealand have developed a BB for all interpreters,
heritage managers, academics and students interested in the
interpretation and presentation of the worlds heritage.

Purpose: the purpose is to allow the free exchange of information
and ideas on interpretation and the management of heritage sites
world wide. It is hoped that it will also allow for the open
discussion of issues of interest to heritage professionals,
academics and students.

We urge individuals and groups to send conference announcements,
problems, ideas, books and media lists, institute discussions, ask
questions, and provide answers.

Please note if you send in book or other media suggestions please
quote the full reference, title, author, publisher, address or how
to order etc. as well as the ISBN/ISSN (where they exist) number
and cost in your countries currency or U.S. dollars.

Rules: No flaming, keep the discussion professional and of a
reasonable length. If you do criticise make sure it is
constructive. That's it!

How do I sign on ???:

Send the following message to containing the


For example; SUBSCRIBE HERITAGE Keith Dewar

How do I sign off: If you no longer want to be on the list use the

Example if Joe Smith wants to leave the Heritage mailing list, he
would post a message to containing:


Please note the command and the list name are in capital letters.

Information: If you would like more information on the Heritage
mailing list send a message to containing the


1. If you use "reply" option on the net remember the message goes
out to everyone on the net. Use personal Email if you want to talk
only to the sender.

2. Problems with the net? Contact


Arlene Speers Keith Dewar
Heritage Interpretation International Massey University
P.O. Box 6116 Dept. Management Systems
Station C Private Bag 102 904
Edmonton, Alberta North Shore MSC
Canada T5B 4K5 Auckland New Zealand

Keith Dewar
Management Systems
Massey University
Private Bay 102 904
North Shore MSC
Auckland, N.Z.
Phone: +64 9 443 9745
Fax: +64 9 443 9739