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Another non-violent, anti-violence position with a Latin American and
Caribbean focus, for a more experienced applied / practicing / professional
anthropologist to consider. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Steve Maack

Date: 12/23/93 8:53 AM
From: Clara M. Chu
fyi, Clara


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Human Rights Watch, the largest U.S.-based international
human rights organizations, seeks an executive director
for its Americas Watch division

Americas Watch, established in 1981, is one of five regional
divisions of Human Rights Watch. It is responsible for
monitoring and promoting human rights in Latin America and the
Caribbean. Much of its work consists of gathering detailed
information on human rights practices in the region and
publishing reports that are as reliable, comprehensive,
insightful and timely as possible.

The executive director of Americas Watch is the
organization's chief strategist and spokesperson for work in the
region. He or she represents the organization frequently before
the press, meets regularly with high-level officials, sets
regional priorities, supervises a staff of researchers,
coordinates activities with allied organizations, and takes part
in research and writing.

Applicants should have a thorough knowledge of human rights
issues, a commitment to promote human rights, substantial
experience in the region, a familiarity with public and
international affairs, proficiency in Spanish (and, if possible,
Portuguese), and a demonstrated ability to lead and manage a
small staff, to write and edit in English, to articulate human
rights issues effectively, to assist in raising funds, and to
perform in a fast-paced environment in which multiple demands
must be juggled. The director may be based in New York or
Washington office of Human Rights Watch.

Applications should be submitted to Kenneth Roth, Executive
Director of Human Rights Watch, 485 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY
10017. Applicants should submit a resume, a writing sample, and
references. Candidates are encouraged to apply before January
15, 1994.

Human Rights Watch is an equal opportunity employer which
does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion,
ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, disability, or sexual