Tue, 21 Dec 1993 21:02:03 EDT

Somewhere in the 22nd century:

So this social scientist says, "Gadzooks! I have made a great

Then the engineer says to the scientist, "Yeah? What's it good

The scientist says, "I don't know, a Nobel Prize maybe."

Then the engineer says, "Big deal, that and a nickel will get you
a condo on Miami beach. What's it really good for?"

"Well," the scientist says, "I have discovered the principle
behind the Law of War."

"The Law of War?" The engineer says, "never heard of it."

"Yes, well," the scientist says. "The Law of War was discovered
back in 1994 by some fumbling social scientist who didn't really
undetrstand the full implications, as it were. Simply put, the
Law of War states that those societies who reward the resolution
of problems through the use of violence will be the first to go
to war. Further, they will most likely win the wars they fight
since war is the utmost expression of problem solving through

"I see," says the engineer. "So what is the great discovery?
What is the principle behind the Law of War?"

"Simply put," says the scientist, "it works."

"Like I said," says the engineer, "that and a nickel..."