Tarski's Truth

Fri, 17 Dec 1993 17:05:46 CST

F. Gleach's memory for what Tarski wrote may be better than his memory
for what I wrote about Tarski. He attributes to me the claim that
"Tarski had 'proven' what truth is" and then seems to imply that I think
Tarski proved no other conception was *possible*. What I claimed,
however, (and I quote) was that "the problem of the nature of truth was
solved, for anyone who wanted a solution, by Alfred Tarski in 1944 . .
." Other conceptions are of course "possible," including the belief that
truth is an irremediably mysterious notion. Actually, I plead guilty to
oversimplifying Tarski's argument, in that I was equating the
"disquotational" argument with the semantic conception itself; I believe
it is more accurate to consider the former only a part of Tarski's
elaboration of the latter. If Gleach suspected I was getting in over my
head, he was quite correct; so I will make for shore, wishing you all a
pleasant weekend. --Bob Graber