Tarski's Truth

Frederic W. Gleach (fwg1@CORNELL.EDU)
Fri, 17 Dec 1993 12:48:56 -0500

To follow up on Dwight Read's comments on Bob Graber's use of Tarski's
article on truth, Bob's original statement that Tarski had "proven" what
truth is struck me as broader than I remembered, so I went back to Tarski.
In his section 14, the beginning of his "Polemical Remarks" (pp. 679 et
seq. in volume 2 of Tarski's Collected Papers), Tarski treats the question,
"Is the semantic conception of truth the 'right' one?" One of his first
statements is, "I hope nothing which is said here will be interpreted as a
claim that the semantic conception of truth is the 'right' or indeed the
'only possible' one." Dwight's elaboration/explication of Bob's argument
seems to me to be right in line with Tarski's thinking in not ruling out
the possiblity and perhaps even importance of other possible meanings of