Re: Are Graber's position and mine so different?

Fri, 17 Dec 1993 10:04:10 CST

Well said. I agree entirely with the tenor of your remarks, which seem
to me very similar to those just posted by Dwight Read. I am not quite
as cautious as you, perhaps, in making truth attributions. You are
right to show that it is *possible* to question that the shuttle blew
up, that the earth is round, etc; anyone whoclaims to seriously question
such propositions, though, will jeopardize h/ris credibility. This is
because so much evidence and reason have accumulated in support of them.
Note that even questioning such propositions seems to imply that the
questioner only wants to assert as "true" that which is indeed the case.
The main uses of the word "true" or "truth" that don't fit Tarski's
analysis seem to be the clearly poetic ones, such as Keats' equation of
Truth with Beauty. --Bob Graber