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The Production and Reproduction
of Culture and Society


May 5-8, 1994


Annual Conference XXI Congr
s Annuel
Department of Anthropology and Sociology
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, B.C.
V6T 1Z1
604-822-4387 604-822-2756
Fax 604-822-6161

A Letter from the President of CASCA

Dear Colleagues:

You are cordially invited to participate in the 21st Annual CASCA
conference tobe held at the University of British Columbia May 5-7,

Although we have not met at UBC since 1982, I well remember the salmon
barbeque the beautiful campus with rhododendron in bloom and
breathtaking views of sea and mountains from the dorm rooms, not to
mention excellent sessions!

Vancouver in the Nineties is a superb site for a conference on
cultural diversity, power and process. In keeping with this theme, I
encourage you to organize sessions and give papers on a wide variety
of cultural topics, in French and in English. I hope we will see as
many of you as possible at the Vancouver meeting.

Sincerely yours,

Margaret C. Rodman
Canadian Anthropology Society/
Societe canadienne d'anthropologie (CASCA)

The 1994 CASCA Conference at a Glance

Thursday May 5, 1994
10:00 pm Registration
1:30 pm Sessions
5:30 pm Wine and Cheese

Friday May 6, 1994
9:00 Symposia, Sessions, Plenaries
4:00 Hawthorn Lecture
6:30 Salmon BBQ

Saturday May 7, 1994
9:00 Symposia, Sessions, Plenaries
4:30 Annual General Meeting
Sunday May 8, 1994
9:00 am-1:30 pm
Symposia, Sessions

Welcome to Vancouver and CASCA XXI
Dear Colleagues:

On behalf of the organizing committee at the Department of
Anthropology and Sociology at the University of British Columbia, we
invite you to participate in CASCA XXI. We hope you will join us for
an intellectually stimulating and entertaining conference.

This year the broad topical theme of the meetings and plenary sessions
will be the Production and Reproduction of Culture and Society. This
subject highlights the relationship between the individual and the
collective, between personal embodiments of culture and the flow of
tradition. The plenary sessions, which comprise a conference within a
conference, will look at the ongoing roles of culture society in
defining the conditions of its own creation and reproduction.

Professor Fredrik Barth will present the CASCA plenary lecture The
Processes of the Production and Reproduction of Culture. Professor
Rayna Rapp will give the CAMACAM plenary talk on the social and
cultural issues surrounding genetic testing and reproductive
technologies. Professor Joan Ryan will present the Hawthorn Lecture.
We know that these will be insightful talks on timely issues.

We trust that this general topic will allow anthropologists across
Canada to present their wide range of issues and hope to see these
represented at the Meeting in May.

Individuals have already expressed interest in sessions including: the
new role of ethnicity in politics, the reproduction of economic
relations, migration and immigration policy, reproductive
technologies, and the reproduction of academic disciplines.

Please follow the instructions for organizing sets of papers into
symposia, sessions, etc.. If you would like to organize a session and
are looking for participants or would like to know if others are
organizing a session please contact me by e-mail at
You can also subscribe to an electronic mailing list to contact other
members of CASCA by sending a message to

Sessions will be held at the Faculty of Law. The rooms, lecture halls
and court yard will provide comforable surroundings for the meetings.
Admission to world renown U.B.C. Museum of Anthropology will be free
to conference participants.

We also invite you to the Salmon Barbecue Banquet which will be held
at the recently completed First Nations House of Leaning. Rooms and
suites in Gage Towers are only metres from the meeting rooms and offer
some spectacular views of Howe Sound. Unfortunately there are no
hotels in the vicinity of the university. We can provide the names
and phone numbers of several off-campus bed and breakfasts. Prices
range between $25-$50 per night.

The U.B.C. Faculty Club, the U.B.C. Graduate Student Centre, and the
Aquatic Centre will available during the meetings.

A local tour operator will be available to arrange visits of groups to
restaurants and other points of interest in the Vancouver area.

We look forward to seeing you.

Jay Powell
Bill McKellin
CASCA XXI Co-organizers

Dear Graduate Students:

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that I invite you to the
1994 Canadian Anthropological Society meetings at the University of
British Columbia in Vancouver. We expect many interesting and
important sessions to be held, and want graduate students to know that
they are welcome and encouraged to participate as presenters and even
organizers of sessions, should you have the desire.

This will also be an excellent opportunity to meet fellow anthropology
graduate students from universities across Canada, to share interests,
ideas, experiences, and concerns about our field and its future.

We look forward to seeing you here in May.

David C. Ryniker,
Anthropology and Sociology
Graduate Students' Association, U.B.C.


Bill McKellin
Department of Anthropology and Sociology