Re: Pomo Update

douglass st.christian..... (stchri@MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA)
Tue, 14 Dec 1993 20:38:21 -0500

Well bob.. for reasons best left to the gods of the ether, this message
came to me privately...

glad you are amused...i am not...and i won't give merit to your posturing
game of 'defineing the natives to suit my purposes'...i've seen this too
often from too many people claiming to be anthropologists to find it worth
the bother of responding...

i am not interested in the debating the merits of pm, or graberism for
that matter..

my question was simple...what the hell is pomo, who we talking about, why
are so many people so worried about something which their own comments
suggest is too vague to merit serious consideration...

what you offfered was a very narrow reading of one excerpt from one author
who himself makes no claim to be postmodern [ or post anything for that
matter] then asserted, without a shred of evidence, that geertz is
admired and or accepted and or beleived in by postmodernists...i still
have no idea who you mean, what about geertz pm is supposed to 'like', why
this should bother you [ your noble concern for the belittling of 'real'
and 'important' anthropologists is interesting but, as with the rest of
your jeremiad, without any serious substance]..

instead, we have been treated to increasingly supercilious dismissals of
the most banal sort...dismissals which betray, among other things, the
attitudes and intellectual incompetences one would hope anthropologists
would always be alert to avoiding...instead of responding to rodman's
suggestions regarding the questionable list of postmodernists offered, you
claimed instead that the list was left unchallenged [ i kind of A Current
Affair approach to anthropology...keep repeating the accusation long
enough and enough people will begin to beleive it]...instead of
elaborating on this accusation of 'nihilism' you keep repeating, you just
kept repeating it...

and we end up with a replay of school children arguing.."are so".."am
not".."are so"..."am not"

bill rodman wondered if the discussion of pm might be brought to a more
'substantial' plane...he need not hold his breath if the best that can be
offered in criticism of pm is that it upsets the likes of bob graber...

a disappointed douglass..