Turner's ideological "communitas"

Tue, 14 Dec 1993 14:09:41 -0500

I have been asked to revise an article for publication and specifically the
editor has suggested that I address the relevance of Turner's concept of
communitas to my subject matter in some way. In the *Ritual Process* Turner
makes distinctions between "spontaneous communitas," "normative communitas,"
and "ideological communitas." (pp. 131-32) In the essays in question, he makes
greatest use of the notion of spontaneous communitas, but remains rather silent
about the other two concepts. In fact ideological communitas--"... an attempt
to describe external and visible effects--the outward form, it might be
said--of an inward experience of existential (i.e. spontaneous) communitas, and
to spell out the optimal social conditions under which such experiences might
be expected to flourish and multiply--seems most relevant to my article.

Do you Victor Turner experts out there know if he, or someone else, ever
further developed the idea of ideological communitas? If you have any ideas
please post them back to me privately. Thanks

Professor of Social Change and Development
University of Wisconsin--Green Bay